How do I break down gender stereotypes at home?

Young woman with dark ponytail sitting on a shaggy beanbag holding and playing with a baby.

We asked the Our Watch community: 'What do you do as a family to break down gender stereotypes in the home?'

Below are some of our favourite tips that came through.

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  • My son and my daughters have the same chores.
  • Modelling being yourself is so important. It is OK to have stereotypical qualities if they're authentic to you but your children must know that you aren't the way you are just because your gender MAKES you that way.
  • We all cry.
  • Talk to your kids. The other day Miss 6 was talking about 'girl' and 'boy' colours, and we had a great conversation about anyone being able to like any colour, regardless of their gender.
  • Take turns cooking the evening meal.
  • My 7 year old daughter and I shop for her clothes in the boy departments because – in her words – they are a better fit and better colours.
  • Not enrol her into dancing or netball just because of her gender (but of course will let her choose whatever she wants to do when the time comes, allowing her to have many choices).
  • My son learnt to use the iron and to sew on buttons.
  • Challenge my 4 year old's gender stereotypes. For example, if she says ‘boys can’t wear skirts’, you could say, ‘why do you think that? Yes they can if they want to’.
  • My husband and I both work a 4 day week with each of us having care for the kids on our day off.
  • Of course, these are just some suggestions – there are endless more! Read through the Because Why website, particularly our Everyday Q+As , for heaps more ideas.